Salzburg is a small city and is on the banks of the Salzach River. It's easy to go through the city by bus in 30 minutes.

Salzach River

outline view

Riding the bicycle is a very good way to enjoy the beautiful sight of the city. You could see many kids with parents riding bicycle in the sunny weekend.
The train station and a major bus transient station are the same one that is called as 'main station' by local residents. it's not far from the office of company, about 20 minutes by foot.

The ticket system of bus is more complicated than Beijing's. People can buy the ticket for single, 24 hours, 48 hours, a week and even a year. The children can get discount. There's no ticket seller in the bus. Usually nobody checks whether you have valid ticket. Pressing the button to open the door when getting on/off the bus.

The public transportation is designed well. There are different tickets for different people. For example, tourists would prefer to buy 24 hours ticket or 48 hours tickets. 24 hours ticket means the passengers can take any bus in the 24 hours after it's used first time. So it's very convenient for tourists. 24 hours ticket is 4.2€ for adults, 2.1€ for children.  The price of train tickets is same. The faster train "ICE" have higher price. The regular train is much cheaper. And the ticket allows a family not exceed 5 persons to go back and forth another city in a day. It's very cheap for a family to enjoy weekend in another city or town by train. I think it's a good approach to use public transportation more to reduce environment pollution.

round-trip ticket

Taking the train is more convenient than China. There is no security checking, no long distance between gate and platform and even no staffs in the platform. Meanwhile there is no any limitation to travel among the European countries. I went to Munich of Germany by train, I felt it's even more convenient than taking subway in Beijing. Both the train and bus have a lot of humanization design for disability people and people with their bicycles or pets.