Food and Drinking

Honestly speaking, you have eaten the best delicious food if you're living in China. Though we have more and more concerns on the safety of food, we have to recognize that Chinese food is more delicious than others.

The cuisine is simple in Austria. People always use pork, beef, flour, tomato, potato and few green vegetables. So they surprised Chinese cost several hours to make the food.

Gulasch, it's good tasted after eating pizza several times


About the drinking, most of them directly drink the water from water pipe. And some of them like the special water that mixes water with gas. The coffee and beer are the favorite of local citizens. You can find more than one hundred beer brand in the city, and some of them have been found for centuries. Indeed they're good tasted.

special water

Die Weissf

Wieninger, it comes from Vienna

Stiegl, local famous brand